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12 Trending Paint Colors for 2024, According to Design Experts

The leading paint and home brands have made their voices heard! There selections span from cool blues and rich greens to deep hues and inviting warm tones. Let the inspiration...

The leading paint and home brands have made their voices heard! There selections span from cool blues and rich greens to deep hues and inviting warm tones. Let the inspiration flow!

While classic hues like rich neutrals remain timeless, designers are embracing a wave of adventurous colors for the upcoming year. Think an abundance of wine-inspired shades, ranging from merlot to burgundy. What's more, these emerging paint color trends are influenced by the 2024 Colors of the Year, such as Behr's Cracked Pepper or Pantone's Peach Fuzz. If you're seeking design or DIY inspiration for your next paint project, dive right in!


  1. Medium Blue - "I am expecting to see more moody blues in 2024. Not the deep navy's of the past, but medium hue's like Sherwin-Williams' Interesting Aqua. It's an updated way to add some drama without the room feeling totally cave-like." — Allison Garrison of Allito Spaces
  2. Rich Brown - "The new year is set to embrace a rich tapestry of warm earthy tones, creating a design landscape that feels both grounded and inviting. The spotlight will be on the bold entrance of rich brown, adding depth and sophistication to the design scene." — Ginger Curtis, CEO and founder of Urbanology Designs
  3. Earthy Green - "Green is having a moment and I'm here for it. There is something about its warmth, depth and connotation of nature that makes it a go-to color when selecting paint. My favorites are Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green (featured here), Beverly and Studio Green." — Jason Saft, interior designer, luxury stager and CEO of Staged to Sell Home
  4. Rich Neutrals - "Comfy neutrals are here to stay. And by neutral, I don't just mean white and cream — It’s more of a relaxed palette, featuring mellow colors like light rust, olive, warm coral and rich browns." — Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors
  5. Pastel Green - "In 2024, we're going to see a big resurgence in colors that calm and soothe. Gentle pastels will re-emerge after a long period of absence from the color scene. This will include some refreshing and cooling greens from mint to watercress, powdery lilac and fresh, zesty lemon-drop yellow. Cabinetry in this laundry room are painted in fresh Sherwin-Williams' Lounge Green." — Andrea May, interior designer
  6. Warm Red - "I predict reds! Warm rusty reds, burgundy, auburn and muted mauve." — Kelsey McGregor, founder of Kelsey Leigh Design Co.
  7. Dark Mauve - "Dark mauves have been popping up and it's going to be a big color trend in 2024. It's one of those colors that can read neutral but still happy and bold. I used Cocoa Berry by Sherwin-Williams in my powder bath and I couldn't love it more. It's unexpected yet calm." — Emily Henderson, interior designer
  8. Dusty Pink - "Peach Fuzz's [Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year] warmer, pinker and more flattering cousin is Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster. It's neutral but not, and works with pretty much any other color." —Colleen Simonds, interior designer
  9. Shades of Blue - "Expect to see paint colors in shades of deep sea foam, teals, navy blues and other hues in the blue-green family ranging from medium to dark." — Breegan Jane, interior designer
  10. Soft Black - "People have been working with light, warm neutrals for the last few years, and Cracked Pepper (Behr's 2024 Color of the Year) is a color that can create a comfortable atmosphere... It's a bold, strong color that is very adaptable and easy to bring into any decor style." — Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr Paint
  11. Wine Colors - "People are taking more risks with color in their home. This means less grays and whites and more colors that pack a punch, like Sherwin-Williams' Merlot in one of my recent clients' home library." — Nikki Klugh, interior designer
  12. Emerald Green - "Jewel tones, particularly emerald green, are here in a major way. Benjamin Moore Buffet Green is rich and saturated without being bright. Bring on the mood and depth of color." — Sarah Storms, founder of Styled by Storms
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